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Larklean Disinfectant Kit

Larklean Disinfectant Kit

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This all-purpose cleaner is powerful enough to kill bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, MRSA Virus, Staph, HIV, and AIDS, while still being safe enough to use at home. With a very light "klean" scent, this eco-friendly disinfectant leaves little to no residue and is 100% non-toxic for pets and children after applied and dried. Containing no bleach or alcohol, Larklean is the safer disinfectant with a water base application. Powerful enough to be used in a medical setting, yet safe enough to be used around pets and children. 

At cares, schools, medical settings, hospitals, medical transportation, healthcare clinics, gyms, and pharmacies. 

With no harsh chemical bases, this cleaner won't break down the monomers in naugahydes and plastics. Allowing their use to extend saving you money on future repairs. The pH level when properly diluted is 3.63, allowing it to be a softer product on all surfaces.

only $0.66 per 32 oz, the Larklean Disinfectant Kit is an affordable alternative that replaces up to 45 bottles of leading brands' disinfectants, cutting down on plastic waste and saving you money and storage space. This virucidal, fungicidal, bactericidal, and germicidal cleaning solution is perfect for use in nursing homes, various offices, day

EPA Registered #: 34810-31-102258.

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